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New cartridges are powered by BioBlack, a bio-based toner with patent-pending protection which boasts the imaging industry’s highest concentration of bio-content according to independent third-party testing.
Cartridges Available:
Key Points:
  • 37% Bio Content – AgriTone™ premium cartridges containing toner made with renewable bio-resources.
  • Bio-Based Resin – AgriTone™ cartridges powered by BioBlack™ toner, a toner containing a significant concentration of bio-based resin made with natural oils from North American crops like soy, corn, and cotton seed.
  • North American Made – all AgriTone™ cartridges are produced in manufacturing facility to high quality standards.
  • Product Guarantee – All AgriTone™ cartridges are produced under strict ASTM standards and carry complete product guarantee.